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Rev. Michel Bisaillon

District Superintendent - Quebec

Rev. Michel Bisaillon

Michel was born in Lachine, Quebec in 1960. When he finished his studies in computer science, he worked for the National Bank as an executive until 1985.

In 1984, he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior at the “Assemblée du Plein Évangile”(ADPE) in LaSalle. In 1985 he began his Bible Training at “Formation Timothée” and subsequently at “Collège Biblique Québec” until 1989 when he started as youth pastor in the same church ADPE. In 1992, he became assistant pastor of that church until 1996 when he replaced the Rev. Gary Connors as the senior pastor of the ADPE.

In addition to the pastoral ministry, Michel became involved from 1997 to 2009 as sectorial representative or member at large on the executive of his District. Also since 2005, he taught at the Bible College “Institut Biblique Québec”, on leadership and he is a regular contributor to the course of homiletics. In 2009, he was voted as the district superintendent; a fun fact is that again he replaces the Rev. Gary Connors the former superintendent.

Michel has been married to Sylvie Lemoyne since 1985. The Lord has given them a wonderful family as they adopted four children of Haitian origin, three sons and a daughter. The oldest are twins, Nathan and Mathieu (24). Their daughter is called Kensia (18) and Jonathan (15) is the youngest.