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This Thanksgiving, we are thankful that extreme poverty has been cut in half over the last 20 years. Although we have made significant progress, we remember the 815 million people who still go to bed without enough to eat. With this in mind, I am asking you and your church family to join us as a national fellowship in the month of October in taking a stand towards ending global hunger. Together we can continue working collectively to make progress in reaching this goal.

There are two ways you can join in:

  1. ERDO, in partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, has launched the “i care” campaign.Through i care, you and your congregation can rally with us in letting the Canadian government know how much Canadians care about ending global hunger. To get involved, I encourage you to have each member of your congregation sign an i care postcard letting the Canadian government know that you care about how much Canada contributes to ending global poverty. These postcards are available by contacting ERDO through :   1 800 779 7262.
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  3. In addition to filling out postcards, I invite you to support in an even more tangible way. As the general superintendent, I am encouraging everyone in your congregation to donate a toonie towards ERDO’s school feeding program in Zimbabwe throughout the month of October. This program provides nutritious cereal to over 19,000 children, teachers and volunteers, Monday through Friday. With a special match, every dollar you give will turn into $7.50. That means each toonie will provide $15 worth of life-saving food.

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As the body of Christ, we are called to stand in the gap for people in need. I’m grateful for the generous response our Fellowship has continually made to this kingdom mandate. Continuing in that spirit, if everyone in your church gave a toonie this month, we would have a significant impact in decreasing the number of people who go to bed hungry every night. To learn more about the school feeding program in Zimbabwe, visit:

This October, let us make a tangible difference in ending global hunger.

 Thank you for expressing God’s love and compassion to families who do not have enough to eat through advocacy, by giving, and standing with us in prayer.

For Him,

David Wells
General Superintendent,
The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada