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Discover opportunities for ministry in Canada in our five missional priorities Next Gen, Cultural Ministries, Indigenous Peoples, Francophone and Quebec, and Urban Centres. Or share the dream for ministry outreach God has birthed in your heart.

Our Mission Canada team will walk with you along the way – from application to deployment. Contextual training, administrative support and coaching will be provided, along with assistance for promotional and fundraising efforts.


Campus SelfieTwo million post-secondary students, including over one-half a million internationals from nearly every nation, study on Canada’s campuses. Do you enjoy building relationships and equipping young adults from around the world? If you see yourself as a builder or pioneer of a vibrant community that reaches tomorrow’s leaders for Jesus, then campus ministry may be just the place for you!

View Next Gen: SERVE Campus Opportunities

Cultural Ministries

The nations of the world have come and are still coming to Canada. You don’t have to have a passport to be a missionary and fulfill Jesus’ command to go to the “Samaritans” near us. Who are our Samaritans? People who are physically near us, but culturally different from us. Maybe they speak English or French, yet at home they may still speak their mother tongue. They may have been raised practicing another religious worldview, or even none. Cultural Language Workers are cross-cultural evangelists seeking and creating opportunities to engage immigrants to Canada with genuine relationship and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

View Cultural Ministries Opportunities

Indigenous Peoples

Canadian Flag MapHelping to encourage, empower, and equip the over 1.7 million Indigenous People in Canada so that they can convert their God-given potential, their aspirations and their dreams into solid achievement and brighter futures.

If you welcome crossing cultures and are interested in working alongside Indigenous brothers and sisters, then we encourage you to journey with us!

View Indigenous Peoples Opportunities

Quebec & Francophone

Quebec City Buildings

French Canadian speaking individuals represent over 10 million people in Canada. French culture is highly relational and creative. As a Canadian you are best placed to have effective influence in reaching many with the good news of Jesus Christ.

If you are attracted to the French culture, language and peoples in Canada and you are willing to pursue that desire to know more and increase your capacity to communicate in French, we can help. Ministry opportunities for creative entrepreneurial individuals in the Province of Québec and French-Canadian municipalities are numerous.

Urban Centres

Union StationThe greatest gospel opportunities in Canada are found in the places where the most people are. Canada’s cities need an infusion of servant influencers that will live, work, and bring change in the name of Jesus. We invite you to do something new in the city that you love. Let us help you get there.

Have a Dream?

Has God put a dream on your heart to reach the unreached of the world who’ve come to Canada? Share your dream for cross-cultural engagement by completing the enquiry form at the link below.

Engage Today

For further information, or to talk to our team about Mission Canada Opportunities please email