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Every year Canada celebrates a birthday. And as Canadians and Canadian churches we have the opportunity to celebrate our amazing nation. As Christians living in this country we can appreciate the land of plenty we have been blessed with. We can also celebrate what God is doing across the nation, from sea to sea to sea.

Mission Canada wants to inspire you to use our nation’s birthday to focus your congregation on the mission field all around us, and right in our own backyards. As the national mission agency of the PAOC, we want to help mobilize you to reach those in your community who have yet to rub shoulders with a believer or hear the gospel message. There are still countless Canadians who need to hear and receive the message of God’s love and experience the life-transforming relationship they can have with Jesus Christ.   

Through this Transforming Canada Together initiative you will be encouraged to SHARE, to PRAY, to SING, to ENVISION, to ACT and to GO.

Check the SHARE tab for a message outline on or shared mission in Canada, both as a text document and an accompanying Power Point.

Check the PRAY tab for prayer points on how you can pray, and gather others in praying. We encourage you to mobilize your congregation on their knees, for the sake of our nation.

Check the SING tab for a video on why words are important, that includes a lead-in orchestration to our national anthem (three versions available).

Check the ENVISION tab and see Canada in a new way. View the stats about our home and native land, and allow them to challenge your heart to see Canada differently. Our geography is so uniquely different as you travel from west to east and south to north. Likewise, so is our Canadian population. No two communities are alike. And each needs the transforming work and power of the Holy Spirit to visit it, in a new and a fresh way in this century. We cannot live in the shadows of previous years and the faith and stories of yesterday. We must be challenged with new vision for what God is doing, and is able to do, in these present days. Be inspired to reach into your community in unique, new and different ways, and see what God can do. Imagine a new day … a new outreach opportunity. Ask Him to give you fresh vision for your mission field!

Check out the ACT tab. Vision without action is only good thoughts or intentions that fade over time. Hear what others are doing. Share what you are doing so that others can be inspired and challenged for their community. See what is happening through Mission Canada workers who have been called by God to reach unique gaps in our nation where we must be. Consider partnering with one or two of them and extend your missional reach in our nation. If the Lord leans heavy on your heart to respond to a missional reality of reaching the next generation, Quebec and Francophone Canada, an urban core, our Indigenous friends, or a cultural language group (Mission Canada’s five priorities), let’s connect. Together, we can see the gospel reach every part of our nation.

Check the GO tab to view a video with some of our Canadian workers and the harvest field they are working in.

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