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About Mission Canada

National Mission Agency


We have made a crucial decision as a Pentecostal family. We have determined to have a national mission agency that will enable us to reach Canada with the gospel in unique ways. There are many contexts where there is a gap; campuses, people groups, regions and communities where Jesus is inadequately represented. Mission Canada is committed to identify and equip those who will pursue their calling to fill these gaps.


Partnered with you and I, these Mission Canada workers will make a lasting impact on the people who they are sent to. I am inviting you to link with us to see a whole new wave of ministry into our five areas of missional priority. First, we are asking you to Pray Every Day. Transformation only takes place when the spiritual work of intercession is being done. Pray that the Lord of our Canadian harvest will send the right persons to fill the missional gaps. We are also urging you to Give Every Day. Existing and newly appointed Mission Canada workers are being released to do critical ministry and they and their projects are worthy of our financial support.

National Network


Mission Canada is a growing movement of God's people who actively care about our nation. Its strength is the collective passion, insight, and vision of proven local practitioners on five missional priorities that focus on particular peoples in our nation:

  • Canada’s next generation—children, youth and post-secondary campus students
  • The people of Quebec and Francophones in other provinces
  • Cultural Language Groups (Newcomers to Canada)
  • Indigenous Peoples of Canada—First Nations, Métis and Inuit
  • Those who live in Canada’s growing urban centres

Guiding Groups

Mission Canada is gaining momentum as its convictions pervade our fellowship. The movement is facilitated by a team of people who guide and coordinate efforts in partnership with district offices and local partners. The members of Mission Canada are committed to this nation, and to the PAOC's vital role in Christ's mission here, seeking greater clarity, unified strategies, and more pointed effectiveness. 


As the national mission agency for The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, Mission Canada places a high value on the training of leaders in Canada, the equipping of the believer to do the Lord’s work, and the instruction of God’s Word at all ages and stages of life. As Christ-followers, we must always be learning and deepening our faith and passing a real, genuine faith in Christ on to the next generation and to those who have not yet heard the message of the gospel. Mission Canada is about identifying quality resources to assist individuals and local churches in the area of discipleship and leadership training. This is done both through the work of the Mission Canada Team and Coordinators.

Strategic Actions


Mission Canada exists to assist The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada fulfill Christ's mission more effectively. Our mandate is to do that in three functional ways. First, we are here to help make mature, devoted followers of Christ through intentional disciplemaking. 

Social Responsibility

Christians are called to be salt and light in a darkened, bitter world, working to bring the transformation of God's Kingdom to it. We are called to social responsibility that is informed by the word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Church Multiplication

Next, we realize that an ever increasing number of disciples will demand more congregations where they can gather for worship and scatter for mission. We are here to help with insight, partnerships, and resources for church multiplication. 

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