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Stewardship Services

Radical Stewardship logo depicting a growing tree


Welcome to Stewardship Services, where our vision is to offer sound biblical and practical resources to help us all be better stewards of the many resources and gifts God has given to each one of us.

Christians are not exempt from dealing with financial management and stewardship issues. The Bible gives ample direction and guidelines that help us manage the resources God has entrusted to us. There are approximately 2,350 verses in the Bible that talk about money and material possessions: 16 out of the 38 parables in the Gospels deal with these issues. It is our belief that we are not owners of the resources and gifts, but managers who can impact our world and God’s kingdom both now and in the future.

Here is how we can help…

  1. Radical Stewardship is a 40-minute seminar dealing with budgeting, debt reduction, money management, retirement, and estate planning. It is fast paced and intensely practical with a few humorous moments. It is a biblically based journey starting today and concluding with your estate planning process. At the conclusion of the seminar, we invite attendees to make an appointment with the stewardship representative to discuss relevant topics mentioned in the seminar and receive assistance in writing their wills and powers of attorney documents.

    The document drafting services we offer are free of charge. We have no materials to sell and no hidden fees. We do not offer investment advice, but we do focus on principles of investing. We are grateful when churches partner with us to help us with expenses while hosting the representative at their assembly. This allows us to continue to offer free document drafting to the congregants.
  2. Stewardship Services also offers various ways to assist those attending our local churches with PLANNED GIVING. Follow the links provided to learn more:

For more information about having a Radical Stewardship seminar in your church, donating stocks or purchasing charitable gift annuities, please contact Sharon Thomson at or 905-542-7400 ext.2217