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Rev. Gary Taitinger

District Superintendent - Alberta & Northwest Territories

Rev. Gary Taitinger

Gary is married to Carrie, his wife of 45 years. They have three married children and eight remarkable grandchildren. He has pastored at a large suburban church in Edmonton for 35 years, but most of the rest of his life has been in small rural churches.

In 2013, he led a coalition of churches from 25 different denominations that carried out province wide evangelization, where 30,000 people attended Alpha courses. Currently he is part of the PAOC 2020 Revitalization Group.

At the end of 2015 Gary coordinated a succession transition that enabled him to partner with Alpha Canada in enlisting cross denominational coalitions in Canada’s largest cities for a nationwide evangelization called invitecanada. 

He was elected to the General Executive of the PAOC at General Conference 2016. Currently, as the ABNWT District Superintendent, ‘vitalizing churches’ is his OBT (One Big Thing) – “capable leaders + healthy churches = incremental growth”.