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Urgent Crisis Communication: Ebola, Ukraine and Northern Iraq

Dear Friends,

On behalf of David Hazzard, Murray Cornelius and David Adcock, I come to you with urgent news of our hurting world. Our world seems to be in an unprecedented time of groaning and upheaval. Thank you for your continued prayers for the many people who are currently caught in the grip of disease, conflict and displacement.

We think of the Ebola Virus which has now spread to six African countries and has claimed about 2,500 lives, with another 5,000 known to be infected. Our thoughts also turn to the military conflict in Ukraine, and now recently the fighting in Northern Iraq between the government and ISIS.

All three of these crises cause great turmoil and result in huge movements of people as they attempt to seek safety and shelter for their families. Our hearts are touched by the displaced families - people who have left everything, who have nothing with them, and who cry out for help from anyone who will hear.

We want you to know that the PAOC, through ERDO, is responding right now by committing to a goal of over $200,000 to provide crisis response kits. While Liberia, the Ukraine and Northern Iraq are diverse in their problems, our best response is to help internally displaced people in each of those countries.

Through our global workers and national church partners, we are providing food, medical and relief supplies to as many of these displaced people as possible.

Donations to this appeal can be mailed to ERDO, or given on ERDO’s website

The scale of need is changing on a daily basis. In fact, the World Health Organization remarked September 16th that the Ebola virus is “unparalleled in modern times” and that “the food security situation in affected countries is of grave concern.”

As of September 16, 2014 this is PAOC/ERDO’s planned response:

EBOLA – Sierra Leone

Partners: Stefan Sos, PAOC global worker, with the Assemblies of God Sierra Leone

Locations: food in Kenema, Kailahun and Koindu districts, training in the remaining districts

Beneficiaries: Displaced people in the Kenema, Kailahun and Koindu districts Duration: 1 month

EBOLA – Liberia

Partners: Dan & Donna Davies, PAOC global workers, with the Liberia Assemblies of God

Location: the Monrovia area in Montserrado County

Beneficiaries: food and medical supplies for people suspected of having Ebola located at 4 health centres, medical supplies for additional people located at 15 other health centres

Duration: 6 months


Partner: Anonymous PAOC global worker

Locations: Sulaymaniyah Iraq

Beneficiaries: Displaced people (Shabak and Yazidi people groups) awaiting placement in camps

Duration: 2 months


Partners: Ed Dickson, Aaron & Katya Pilon, PAOC Global Workers

Locations: K’yiv

Beneficiaries: Displaced people with a specific focus on children

Duration: 2 months

Friends, we are blessed that so many of us remain safe and secure with plenty of provision, and we celebrate God’s abundance in our land with the Fall harvest and soon with Thanksgiving. But these people desperately seek assistance as they face life and death circumstances. Please help us minister the love of Jesus to them in a tangible way.


Dave Wells