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SVC Research and Documents

“Credential Pathways”

How do we work with the non-traditional, non-typical, credential candidate? How do we create accountability, provide effective leadership development, assess educational benchmarks, and cultivate a fellowship ethos in those who wish to “lead” within a PAOC context?

“Apprenticeship Pathways”

An “apprenticeship kit” for churches to use in developing future pastors. The broad conclusion we have come to is that there has to be much more conversation about apprenticeship.

“Children and Youth Discipleship Benchmark Guides”

As we fundamentally believe that the Gospel should be accessible to every age and stage of development of children, youth and adults, we also understand that delivery of the Gospel and discipleship must be age appropriate. Recognizing the various stages of learning, understanding and practice, as well as the progressive growth that should be continually occurring in the life of every follower of Christ we believe that there should be measurable benchmarks of discipleship learning and practice. These benchmark goals indicate aspects of understanding and experience that children, youth and adults will engage, understand and live out, if on a progression of discipleship growth. We also recognize that people come to faith at varying periods of life, or may stop following Jesus for a period of time and then return to a faith walk later in life; merging back onto the pathway.

The pathway benchmarks are intended to be a guide for objectives in spiritual growth, ensuring that followers of Jesus continue growing and maturing in their faith towards multiplication, service and leadership.