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James KallappaJames Kallappa (Makah Nation, Neah Bay, Washington), felt the call of God in the Fall of 1958 at the age of  21 and began a full-time life of ministry the following year. While continuing to pastor in the BC & Yukon district (totalling over 40 years), in 1994 he also became the first Indigenous director of PAOC Native Ministries helping to solidify Indigenous ministry initiatives across the Fellowship. He continued in that roll until 2001 when he stepped down to return to his pastoral roots in his home state of Washington. Now in his mid 80’s, Brother Kallappa still remains actively involved in ministry, preaching and teaching, and continues, to this day (60+ years and counting!), to be at the forefront of Christian leadership development.

Desiring to honour an elder, who has given a lifetime of dedication to equip leaders, Mission Canada has launched the James Kallappa Indigenous Leadership Scholarship Fund. This fund will be used to assist Indigenous participants of PAOC Bible College training programs and as seed funds for new Mission Canada initiatives as they enter ministry in their cities and communities.