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Loans & Mortgages


If your church is considering borrowing funds for approved capital projects, a variety of PAOC sources are available to you, with the proceeds of these supporting the ongoing ministries of PAOC.

Since 1938, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada has been assisting churches with loans for approved capital projects, at interest rates competitive to other lending institutions. These loans have been funded from the PAOC Pension Fund and more recently through Pentecostal Financial Services Group Inc. (PFSG).

Approximately 140 affiliated congregations currently carry First Mortgages through the PAOC Pension Fund, and another 35 through First Mortgages with PFSG.


PAOC Pension Fund loans are funded by Member and Employer contributions accumulated in the Fund. Most of the ​Fund assets, currently about 80%, are invested in church or ministry related mortgages, subject to the availability of funds.

It takes approximately six weeks to process a loan application and obtain a mortgage security. Loans are secured by a First Mortgage registered on the title in favour of the Pension Fund. For information about lending rates, funds available, repayment procedures, or for a loan application, you may contact:

Shane Gregersen, Senior Mortgage Analyst at (905) 542-7400;


PFSG loans are funded through individual investors and various trust funds, and are all secured by a First Mortgage registered on the title in favour of the Pentecostal Financial Services Group, Inc. For information about the PFSG mortgage loans, you may contact Sharon Cini at (905) 542-7400, or email