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The Question of Who Matters

PAOC Family, From the General Superintendent.

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Created by David Wells for testimony/Enrich. September/October 2016.

The Chaos of Racism - A Response to the Situation in the USA

What has happened in the USA not only affects America, but the whole world, as racism is global...

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Created by Marie Miller for Pickering Pentecostal Church. Reprinted with permission in testimony/Enrich. July/August/September 2020.

Lamenting, Listening and Leading: A White Person’s Response 

I wrestled with this piece for several days. It feels incomplete, but comes from a heart searching for answers, searching for solutions, searching for hope.

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Created by Rich Janes for testimony/Enrich. July/August/September 2020.

Injustice and the Changing Body of Christ

A look back at 2020—and Pentecostal foundations

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Created by Stacey McKenzie for testimony/Enrich. April/May/June 2021.

Race, Power And Voice  : Reflecting On Developments In The Black Community

The year 2020 brought new vocabulary to our lexicon that we never imagined necessary. Adding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the name George Floyd became symbolic of many things, but primarily of race, power and voice.

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Created by Peter Dove for testimony/Enrich. April/May/June 2021.

A Theology of Multi-Ethnic Church and Worship: From Global Church to Local Church

Looking back on one year of the pandemic, one First World freedom I have missed is the liberty to travel around the world...

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Created by Chris Padiath for testimony/Enrich. April/May/June 2021.