Passion for Jesus - Compassion for people

Passion for Jesus - Compassion for people

Celebrating 35 years of God’s Faithfulness!

Global Worker Spotlight: Deborah Sirjoosingh

“If any person wills to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” Luke 9:23.  

The sun hastily plummeted giving way to dusk with shades of orange hue which reflected on three slender and tall people walking toward me. As each one greeted me with a handshake, my mind raced at the speed of light to identify who they were. The tallest of them, a young woman asked, “Do you remember me?” Saved by the dark, I humbly said, “No.” She related that as a child, inflicted with measles, I treated her on the dry riverbed with medicines, porridge and candies for five days. This was 2001!  She continued to express her gratitude several times before leaving the health centre compound. In a way, I was somewhat shocked as THANKS is not frequently expressed here.

80cd0fbb-e66d-49a3-a04f-ab489593b623Pensive and quiet reflection to 35 years and five months ago, I am privileged to have been chosen and called to follow Jesus. I made my choice way back then! Medical, evangelism, church planting, education, provision of clean water and food, seasonal small vegetable garden and construction to improve the infrastructure, are instrumental in reaching hearts of thousands of people in Turkana, Kenya and Kibbish, southern Ethiopia. Following Jesus with His love, joy, peace, presence, prayers, protection, provision, grace, tears and good health compelled me to desire and aspire to be His hands extended to each one.

e905129e-169c-480e-9371-94a152ee5e8eLife was and is not always a bouquet of sweet-smelling roses, no, no! I have decided, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to learn from every experience; courage to make a difference, flexibility and adaptability to situations without complaining, with unwavering faith and focus on Jesus. Personal experiences are many to document. Instead, I choose to show you through pictures, of God’s enablement, empowerment and financial provision for the journey. Together, let us give thanks and rejoice in the Lord for entrusting to us His heart’s desire for the lost, weary and those with no hope.

552c3351-4fc9-4591-9081-d01778a645c5During pioneer days, few people sought modern medical assistance. They examined us for the trust factor, unspoken, “Can we trust you?” With limited ways of verbal communication, we integrated the Gospel and prayers in the treatment. A small structure represented the humble beginnings. The hydro was a kerosene lantern and the full moon. Water ran as fast as we could run with a bucket from the source. Indeed, the good ole days!

f807e4cb-5ae0-4c69-bc85-e2a81813bfcdAs the years went by, we extended the room and used the verandah and under the thorn tree as wards. With heart and mind changes, slowly we experienced positive responsive behaviours to negative traditional practices. Yes, it was a consistent labour of love until now.

The Administration and Out Patient Building are currently under construction.

7911226a-5cdc-4195-bac0-3845a30c8b99Bless God! We grew from 2 staff to currently 32 Kenyans.

In accordance with the status of health institution by 2020, we will need to upgrade the laboratory to include blood transfusion activities.

 f3c80cbe-1d60-4193-a214-09382b818d2aDuring the early 1980s, Namoruputh Primary School was the first education institution within a radius of approximately 200 km. Teachers from different areas of Kenya braved the harsh elements to preach the Gospel and teach the children. We provided food, constructed classrooms, boys and girls dormitory. Graduates from here are working in Namoruputh, and beyond Turkana County. Currently there is a population of 425 students. The administration and operations are carried out by the Government.

 42a8ce41-2b40-4b40-9643-5d9bdb091e08In 1987, under the tree, we began the Namoruputh Nursery School, with friends’ contributions for porridge for the children. ERDO’s Child Care sponsorship followed by Child Care Plus boosted breakfast to lunch of corn and beans which were bought in Lodwar, 80 km from Namoruputh. Two classrooms were constructed in 1989 and 1993. The school is now handed over to the Government in 2016. Today some of these children have pursued higher education and serving in different areas in Turkana.

 02c9739d-63d3-4da5-8fe5-3830f93a681bFor church meetings, a few people gathered under a tree, then to a classroom til the church was built in 1987, which facilitated as a church and nursery school. For sure, many people met with Jesus in this building, some are still His followers. In 2013, we constructed a larger sanctuary to accommodate for increased believers. Bless God.

5222e230-2ab3-4fd1-965e-6d4ccada9a88afff272b-2a9e-4dd0-8a55-86c1a3f33818In October 2003 the Lord led us to Lokwatubwa. We started church under a tree on the dry riverbed, then a stick structure. We walked 15 km one way to begin activities there. A road was constructed by the communities as a Food for Work initiative, funded by my friends.

650787b5-0de3-4f9f-a9e3-04420d813ff9We have constructed a church building, medical dispensary with solar-powered lighting, 3-unit staff residence, CCP sponsored and PAONL WM Nursery School classrooms, two freshwater boreholes with solar and hand pumps, an administration block for the Primary School and four uncompleted classrooms. The Government operates the Primary School.

cd1c2689-7b12-406f-ba75-b4dc22780c91In 2006, our good Lord led us to Lochor Emeyan after two senior ladies requested that we give them water, a school for the children and a church to pray in. Their requests were granted! A borehole was drilled, classrooms, office, kitchen and storage, and a church were constructed. We have handed over the CCP sponsored nursery school to Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) church in 2016. The Government started a Primary School in 2015.  

8db7275c-dba8-4d23-bf01-c6005f070076We carried out several outreaches to Urum, 100 km northwest of Namoruputh. Logistical constraints barred us from continuing. Today, PAG church has assigned a Pastor to the community and the Government is carrying out humanitarian activities.

 30dba90d-19fe-465b-98a7-86d051da0993God enabled us to construct seven churches and assist with others so that people may worship in the shade. We have facilitated training for many Pastors and other professionals within Turkana County and beyond.

“There is a time for everything,” a time to begin and time to end…. We are currently engaged in an exit plan and dialogue with two ministries which PAOC founded and Turkana Ministry of Health. In moving forward with strategic and sustainable exit plans, Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) officials met with Turkana County Minister of Health, her team and Loima Sub-County Health Minister on March 25, 2019.

74513acf-200c-40b8-98aa-531d2c4ef751Narendudung is located at the foothills of Puch. God’s heartbeat of compassion for His people! My dream, before leaving, is that this community will be drinking clean water. In 2012, with Food for Work (FFW) initiative, using hatchets, axes, shovels, hoes, sledge hammers, 55 people made a 68 km stretch of road to reach the Puch communities. The Government made attempts to reinforce the handmade road, but to no avail due to the nature of the soil and landscape: rough, rugged, rustic, rocky, absolutely beautiful scenery and terrain. PAG church has assigned a Pastor to the area. Living and physical water will increase the quality of life and Hope for eternity with Jesus 

CITAM initiative to provide fresh vegetables for patients and food security for the community as an income generating activity for the Health Centre. 

It is always a blessing when you stop by to meet those who you are praying for and investing in financially. Thanks for coming!

Memories of my 2018 Home Assignment are many. Here is a glance of a fundraiser held at Agincourt Church in September. This is where a quiet and comfortable place is prepared for me whenever I return for home assignment. THANKS friends.

8e0fa974-e6d0-4990-9a0d-4298eab70c55On this very fruitful journey, following Jesus, you have stood with me every day, and in every way, praying, visiting, corresponding, giving sacrificially and much more. Since PAOC shared funding was implemented, my ministry and personal budget have never been depleted. For humanitarian projects with ERDO, construction and furnishing of the Health Centre are ongoing. We trust our Lord to continue to provide for health, water and food to complete that which He enabled us to begin.

0a3bdd96-77c2-4b29-bc8c-56ed8eadef6fTHANKS, will not be sufficient to express my heart’s gratitude. May your hearts be blessed, encouraged, and inspired knowing you are part of God’s love, compassion and care for those who are hearing His word, repenting of sins, believing Jesus is Lord of their lives, receiving healing and living with Hope for eternity.

“Peace to you! As the Father has sent me, I also send you...Receive the Holy Spirit..” John 20:21-22.
Blessings and Shalom.

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