Living Sent with Robin Wallar from LIFT Church

In this Take-5 video, we chat with Robin about his new book Living Sent, and why he wrote it. He, his family, and the LIFT Church leadership team are quietly leading an effective discipleship movement, which is currently on 9 University campuses all over southern Ontario.

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Episode #41- Disciple-Making Movements and Their Future in Canada with Jeff K.

In this episode, we chat with Jeff K. from the PAOC International Office on Disciple-Making Movements that are working around the world, and what future they may have in Canada. We talk about what DMMs are, if they work in Canada, and if now is the time to explore these new models. Jeff works with PAOC Restricted Access Nation's global workers and brings great teaching and content through his own experience with DMM. Check it out in
 Episode 41.

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Time for a New Normal

Returning to normal after such a historic moment would be nothing short of missing one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime. History doesn't always repeat itself, but it tends to rhyme. We must not go back to normal. Instead, we must take the best of what we are seeing now and continue those things. Let me share three things that I hope we will keep moving forward.

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What are Disciple Making Movements?

Disciple and discipleship are "hot" words today. Despite the volume around these concepts the reality is that little of it resemble the "multiplicative" nature of Jesus' early disciples and the impact they had on the world. There is hope in find our way back. DMM is an acronym for a street level executable disciple making strategy that fosters disciples making disciples. DMM has a built in self replicating DNA that catalyzes viral movements.

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10 Recommended Church Planting Podcasts

Denominations, networks, and reproducing churches are utilizing podcasts to help church planters stay encouraged and equipped in their planting journey. Podcasts are an easy and regular way for church planters to learn from other seasoned practitioners, especially when much of their time is spent investing in others throughout the week. The following list includes ten recommended church planting podcasts that can help church planters and planting leaders stay sharp and inspired:

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