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MN Logomark Dark BlueEpisode 59 - Replanting, Repairing and Revitalization with Jordan and Amy Baker,
Co-Lead Pastors Forest City Church

In this episode with talk with the co-lead pastors of Forest City Church in Burnaby BC, Jordan and Amy Baker about their replanting journey. With so many religious spaces sitting empty in our rural, suburban and urban communities, replanting is something all leaders must be thinking about. While Jordan and Amy are very new into this process still, they have lots to offer in this interview and you don't want to miss out!

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Connecting With New Guests with Rob Lodge

In this short video, Rob Lodge shares with us some helpful tips on ensuring new guests to your church have a great experience when they show up. He shares with us three things every church should have thought through and then have in place to help guests feel welcome when they come to your church services.

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Interested in church planting? Whether you’re just thinking about it, or you’re ready to move forward, this is your next step. Check out paocmultiply.comwhere we help take the guesswork out of church multiplication.

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Articles and Blogs

When Culture Tilts Away from your Church

Thinking differently can be difficult. Our ruts testify to our staggering preferences for the familiar. Even if they slow us down to a creeping clamber, they’re ‘our ruts,’ and we prefer what we know. But at some point, in our crawl, some of us look up and around and ask, “Is this familiar path that I’m traveling taking me where I need to go?” Certainly, nobody should be asking this question more earnestly and more honestly than those who lead God’s people.

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Future Now: Leading with Humility

Most of us signed up for the kind of ministry where we preach and teach the Bible, share the gospel, people respond by grace through faith—and then we shepherd our people. We would do the things that pastors do and have done for centuries. Then 2020 came along and wrecked our plans. This is not what we trained for, at least not at most seminaries, but it is what we are called to prepare for. God called us to people, and people are complex. They need humble pastors who will lead through confusing times with gospel passion, biblical fidelity, and with a humble posture of learning.

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