Daniel and Jennifer Chaloner – Eurasia


Location: Italy

Ministry Focus

The Chaloners will be heading to communist city of Bologna in northern Italy in the next 18 months or so. In collaboration with the Assemblies of God in the U.S., and NLI (which presently works from Canada and doesn't have ministry leaders living in Italy) they will be training young leaders to plant churches and effectively reach their cities for Jesus. Dan is a professional psychotherapist who will be using his skills to help develop new leaders overcome leadership pitfalls and to train others. In addition to this, the evangelical church in Italy (only 0.68% of Italy is Evangelical) desperately needs to address issues of human trafficking. With Dan's background in psychotherapy, he is able to understand and train leaders on the complexities of this abuse. According to one study, 80% of Nigerian migrants end up being exploited. There are also many Brazilian transsexuals being trafficked. Now some of you may know that Dan was a missionary kid in Brazil for 13 years, so, thankfully the language posses no challenge here. Not only does the church need to address this, but even worse, some of the evangelical churches in Africa are participating in this trafficking. The corruption is moral, political, economic, and extremely pervasive.

The Chaloners will also offer training to converts from Islam in Germany. Evangelism is exploding in the Kurdish communities there but they need training and presently this ministry is understaffed. In light of these various teaching and training opportunities, the Chaloners will be starting a media ministry in Italy. Here they will offer training to meet the needs of the churches because unemployment runs at 40% in various parts of southern Italy. Here people cannot take time off or they could lose their jobs, yet training is necessary.

Ministry History

Daniel and Jennifer have been involved in ministry over many years in a number of roles and capacities. Daniel first got his start as a Young Adult Pastor at a city church in Toronto. Jenn while undertaking her pastoral credentialing also ministered as the English Ministry Pastor for a Korean church in Toronto. Later both moved to a suburban church in the Greater Toronto Area and where Dan was the Youth pastor and Jenn was the Evangelism and integration pastor. For the past five years the couple has been living in Oxford, England where Jenn undertook her Ph. D in Medieval History and Dan was the Youth Pastor at their home church with the Assemblies of God.

Prayer Requests:

  • For wisdom and prayer partners.
  • For receptive hearts to the gospel.
  • For a smooth transition as we settle into a new culture.