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Nehemiah: Making the Bible Come Alive

When was the last time you got disturbing news? Nehemiah was a servant of God who knew what it meant to get news that was not great and caused his heart to be heavy with concern. You’re your kids today to Nehemiah chapter 1 to find out what Nehemiah did and then uncover the results he saw because of his actions.

NehemiahAs you read together you will realize that Nehemiah did many things. First, he took in the news, he wept, he mourned, he prayed, he fasted, and then he acted. He rallied a team and set his focus for the task ahead. But the job didn’t get accomplished right away. In fact, he needed to wait for four months before he was even able to present his plan to the king. As he made his presentation, he prayed silently and asked God for His favour.

When we want to see great results with God, we must put in the time needed even before we begin the manual labour. The work of the heart is so important and necessary. The end result – in just 52 days, the Jewish people under the leadership and direction of Nehemiah, were successful in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Although Nehemiah experienced discomfort, pain and personal loss, his role as a sacrificial leader that God could depend on saw him lead the charge on an incredibly important job!

Let’s teach the next generation the importance of preparing our hearts before we begin any significant task.  Visit Making The Bible Come Alive today with your kids and check out more on Nehemiah’s story: