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Making the Bible Come Alive: Esther

Who do you know that has put their life on the line in recent weeks so that the life of another could be saved or cared for? As the world is responding to a global pandemic and the spread of COVID-19, there are countless individuals who have risked their own well-being in order to help and care for someone else. If that is you, “Thank You” for serving those in need and showing genuine love and care. For you we pray that God would be your Protector, just as He was with Esther.

Esther1Ever wondered about that story tucked into the Old Testament about a beautiful young woman who became queen. She was chosen by the king to be his wife, but the story is even more than the title she was given and the role she held.  Her story is one of protection. She was known for her boldness. Queen Esther was not afraid to put her life in danger to save her people. 

The Bible is full of stories of individuals that God used to show His power and protection so His plan could be revealed. Consider the likes of:

Noah and his family who God spared in a global flood.

Daniel being thrown into a den of very active and hungry lions.  

Joseph being rejected by his brothers and tossed into a pit.

Job experiencing a physically challenging bout of boils on his body.

Peter walking across a storm-tossed sea to get to Jesus.  

Paul being thrown into prison for declaring His faith.

And John being isolated on an island after his friends had passed away so God could speak to him and have him write a book about what’s to come – both on this earth and for all eternity.

As each person trusted, God showed up.

In each situation, God’s presence was felt, and His power was revealed. 

Do you want to know His presence and experience His power? 

Trust Him with your life. Call out to Him and invite Him to guide your path, then watch how He will reveal Himself to you.  He will.  He promised.  

Talk your children today on a journey through the story of Esther. Help them see how God is our Protector as we step into the things He has for us to do. A Bible Lesson, crafts, videos and other resources are all available for you at:  https://makingthebiblecomealive.com/en-p-esther/