MAK & 4-14 Feature: The Kenyamanyara Family in Tanzania

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MAK & 4-14 Feature: The Kenyamanyara Family in Tanzania

Hi everybody! My name is Ezra Kenyamanyara. I live in Mwazna, Tanzania with my family; my Dad Julius, my Mom Jade, and my two little brothers Gabriel and Josiah. I am almost eight years old and I’m in year 3 (grade 2). Gabriel is almost five and he’s in kindergarten, and my smallest brother, Josiah is 5 months old! We have lived in Tanzania almost my whole life! We first came to live here when I was only a year old. We have lived in the city of Mwanza for 4 and a half years now. It’s home to us! Mwazna is on Lake Victoria and is a very beautiful city. I love living here with my family.

My Mom and Dad are global workers. They serve at Village of Hope (VOH) Mwanza, which is a ministry that helps care for children in need. Right now VOH Mwanza has 9 children’s homes, which house almost 80 children. Each children’s home is like a family – they live with a housemother and they cook and take care of the house together. Everyone helps just like we do in my family. There is also a primary school on the main site with about 300 children. I like going to visit the Village and playing with some friends there. I like playing soccer with the other kids. Lots of children here love soccer (they call it football) and so do I. I like to practice every day!

FeedingProgram (6 of 43)Every year VOH Mwanza is growing and we are increasing the number of children we serve from the surrounding community. These children don’t live at the village but they come from very poor backgrounds and they are enrolled for free in the school and the feeding program. This is a way of giving them hope for the future by making sure they eat well and are healthy and that they receive a chance to go to a good school and learn. We also launched a brand new site last year in a place about 20 minutes away from the main site; it’s called Bulale. Out there we have a pre-school and grade one is starting this year. There will be about 60 kids attending school out there and receiving a nutritious porridge meal each day. They call the porridge here, “uji.” Gabriel and I like uji too and we drink it at home as well! It’s exciting to be helping more children in need around Mwanza.

Each children’s home is like a family – they live with a housemother and they cook and take care of the house together.

Our family doesn’t live on the same compound as Village of Hope Mwanza. We live about a 25-minute drive away, across town. We live in a compound that PAOC has owned for a long time and many missionaries have lived on over the years. There are two houses on the compound - we live in one and another missionary family, the Duggan family, lives in the other. I am friends with their youngest, Lucas and we like to play outside together. We have a lot of space in our yard and we love to play soccer and basketball as a family. I also really love to swim and Gabriel and I are in Mwanza Swim Club. I swim three times a week and I’m very excited because I have just moved up to the next level in Swim Club! My favourite strokes are freestyle and breaststroke. I also swim backstroke and I am learning butterfly. Gabriel also likes to swim and now he can jump in the deep end by himself! Josiah is too small to swim, but he loves to watch Gabriel and I.

IMG_6710Gabriel and I go to Isamilo International School. It’s really close to our home and we can walk there. I like my teacher this year and I have some good friends at school. There are kids from lots of different places at my school, and it’s nice meeting people from different places. My two best friends at school are William and Seb. William is from Tanzania, but his parents are from America as he was adopted. Seb is from the UK. My favourite subjects are math, science and history.

In Tanzania everyone speaks Swahili. My parents can both speak Swahili and Gabriel and I also speak Swahili, Josiah is too small, but he will learn soon too! It’s nice to be able to speak both English and Swahili.

Thanks for reading about our family and what we do in Tanzania.

Prayer Requests:

  • That God would protect our family and keep us safe.

  • That we would all be healthy.

  • That God would help my parents as they lead at VOH Mwanza.

  • For VOH Mwanza – for all the children; that they would grow strong and healthy and that they would follow Jesus and learn to pray to Him.

  • Pray for Gabriel and I will do well at School and have a good year.

Please join us in praying for the Kenyamanyara family (Julius, Jade, Ezra, Gabriel and Josiah). We invite you to connect with them by email/mail and social media too. Here’s how you can stay connected:



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