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Planting In Cambodia


Thank you for your support! Your commitment to International Missions is transforming lives around the world. At PAOC International Missions, we find that our best work happens at the intersection of reaching, planting, equipping and caring. At this nexus, people meet Jesus, disciples are formed, and lives are changed forever.

But what does your impact look like in a practical sense?

It looks like our Global Student Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Founded by PAOC global workers Ian and Tiffanie Rowley, the centre is strategically located to reach Phnom Penh’s university students. They reach over 400 non-Christian students per month through their café and one-on-one language lessons. Students share family meals, and the dormitories provide housing to new believers.

When Ian says that the “floodgates have opened,” he isn’t exaggerating. A church of more than 70 young adults from the café meets each week on the centre’s top floor. The church and its 20 small groups are student-led and give back by volunteering in outlying villages.

Your impact also looks like the tears in the eyes of a student named Sovvan, who said to Ian: “Even if my family disowns me, even if I have to beg on the streets for food, I will still choose to follow God because I know He is real.” Sovvan recently called Ian to ask for help planting the first church in his family’s community: a village in an unreached Cambodian province.

The Global Student Centre is a growing, innovative and successful church plant, but we need you to partner with us. Today you can donate to provide more shelter space for university students like Sovvan who convert to Christianity at significant personal cost and risk.

You can have an immediate impact today by investing in this vital work.


Reaching the Rohingya


Thank you for your support of PAOC International Missions. Your partnership empowers PAOC Global Workers and national partners to reach, plant, equip and care. Together, we are part of God’s mission.

I want to update you on our work in Southeast Asia. Two years ago, a major crisis developed in the region as millions of Rohingya were forced from their homes. Many, like Rubi, have been turned away from the refugee camps because they were already overflowing. Although it has faded from the news cycle, this crisis remains urgent.

The PAOC’s response, in partnership with humanitarian and national partners, is focused on the thousands of refugees living outside the camps. To date we have constructed 37 wells that give fresh water to over 7,400 people. We have also provided health outreach, food aid, water, and sanitation programming.

Our response does not just focus on the physical conditions of these traumatized individuals. Our partners, the national church, have trained and deployed 25 disciple-making workers to provide spiritual care to these communities. Because of this initiative Rubi, and thousands more like her, will have the opportunity that very few Rohingya have ever had—to know Jesus personally.

The situation for many remains desperate, but you can positively impact both the physical and spiritual conditions of the Rohingya. Your financial gift will provide food for families and will help us train an additional 25 disciple makers to reach these communities. Every dollar allocated for food assistance will be matched four times, and $29 per month provides one year of training for a worker.

Thank you for your generosity. The Rohingya have faced unspeakable hardship, but hope is on the horizon because of Canadian believers like you.



Reaching The 3.1 Billion


Today, 3.1 billion people have little or no access to the good news of Jesus. The immensity of this number is so daunting it can become impersonal—in the same way that a snowflake, a unique and intricate work of art, becomes lost in a blizzard. The complex crystals disappear into the swirling storm.

For God, 3.1 billion remains a deeply personal number. It represents people He desperately loves. He knows the intricate story of each life, and the beauty and potential of each of their days. In every person, He sees a unique expression of His image. The Father cares for them, just as He cares for you.

Jesus tells us about Himself in a story about a good shepherd who leaves his flock to find the one sheep who has wandered off. If you want to know what God is doing in the world, understand His heart for the “one.” Then consider the billions. How His heart must ache for His children.

An amazing thing happened just over 100 years ago among Canadian believers. The Holy Spirit descended upon them, got a hold of their lives, shook the scales off their eyes and sent them to the nations. With Jesus’ commission to “go into all the world and make disciples” as their call, they went.

Tens of thousands of Canadian Pentecostals have gone, and hundreds of thousands more have given and prayed. The results are miraculous. Over 12 million people have come to know their Creator through the Canadians who have gone and the partnerships they have made. Right now, 334 PAOC global workers are faithfully living out this calling overseas, and still, there is more for this generation to do. More cause to leave the safety of our daily routines, to pray unceasingly, to give generously, and to go.


Planting In Costa Rica


Can you imagine having church under a tree? In a field? Outdoors during the rainy season? Or in very cold temperatures? In the unreached corners of the world, many church plants struggle to make a visible imprint due to a lack of permanency; the lack of a building.

You can fix this. Right now, in Costa Rica we are building permanent structures for growing congregations. Every $5 you donate will supply and lay a brick to build a church.

Planting new churches worldwide transforms lives and communities. It is a primary focus of PAOC International Missions.

Gary and Kathy Heinrichs are a kingdom-minded couple working alongside the church in Costa Rica, planting and building churches in indigenous areas of Talamanca. Suitable sites are identified by local pastors, and their congregations contribute half of the costs to build a structure.

Recently they planted and built a church with Pastor Maria Isabel Norango Fonseca. Here is her story:

“God bless you all. This church plant has transformed our small community. Our congregation felt that a permanent structure was impossible to build; but for God, nothing is impossible. Every time someone asks us ‘How did you do it?’ we share our great testimony that God is there when a congregation believes. What an impact! With our building, we are able to work for the community; the church is used for many events, such as weddings, funerals, birthdays and Children’s Day.”

Jesus is building His church.


Equipping In Brazil


Do you know the satisfaction of completing a puzzle? Or maybe you are like me: you search and stare at the hundreds of little puzzle pieces and wonder how long it will take to form a picture.

The work of global missions is like an intricate puzzle. International Missions links our Global Workers, supporters like you, and national partners, all working and fitting together to bring the good news of Jesus to a world in need.

Working together…

Currently there are Brazilian students called to the work of missions at home and abroad. Unfortunately, lack of finances has forced these students to abandon their calling because they cannot afford the training they need.

You can help these brothers and sisters. They are at a critical place in their lives and are looking to receive the essential skills and spiritual formation to make a difference. Thankfully, your support can change everything.


Love With Simplicity


Christmas can be complicated amidst the joy and family activities. There can be a lot of noise and demands clamouring for our attention.

You have invested in God’s mission by giving to global workers this year. Thank you. We are incredibly grateful for you and your generosity.

Here is our simple ask.

Would you consider giving an additional donation towards the ministry of your global workers? Their work and your partnership transform the lives of countless people.

Let’s love with simplicity during this season of joy.