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Global Worker Feature: Breanne Pierce De Guardado In El Salvador

Global Worker Feature: Breanne Pierce De Guardado In El Salvador

Natalia, aged 20, and her sisters had been brought up mainly by their grandmother, a faithful Christian who always sent them to Sunday school. Even so, with her mother (who worked as a housekeeper in Guatemala) and her father (who moved to the US) absent in her life, she began to look for love in the wrong places. She became a mother at age 15 and, thankfully, got away from her abusive boyfriend soon after. She wanted to follow the Lord, trying to be consistent, but feeling the church's rejection, she struggled to make good choices and suffered greatly.

When I came to live in Potrero Grande 2 years ago, Natalia and her young daughter were living with her boyfriend in the city and living a lifestyle that she knew was not pleasing to God. She visited her family in Potrero and decided to confide in me regarding her situation, seeking counsel. We talked, and I prayed for her often, as I know many others were. Finally, God began to move in her heart, and after a bit of back and forth, she rededicated her life to Christ and began a new journey! I have seen Natalia grow in leaps and bounds over the past 2 years. It is truly incredible to see. It has been such a privilege to walk with her and help be part of the door opening for her to begin serving the Lord and now studying Theology in the local Bible School. She is passionate about serving the Lord and seeing others come to Him.

Here is a picture of her preaching at one of our youth services last month. I am so proud of her and grateful to Jesus for His redemption and restoration in her life!

Would you send up a prayer for her today? Please pray that God would continue to mold, grow, and mature her and open the right doors before her.

Breanne Pierce De Guardado is a PAOC Mission Global worker serving in El Salvador. To learn more about Breanne, click here.