ERDO named in the top 100 of Canada's Best Charities


The PAOC is proud to announce that ERDO (Emergency Relief & Development Overseas) has been announced by Maclean’s to be in the “Top 100 of Canada’s Best Charities – 2020”.  In fact, ERDO has placed #24 in this ranking, and tied for #2 in the "International" sector category. [October 24, 2019]

There are 84,000 registered charities in Canada. Because of this large number, Maclean’s has introduced a ranking to help individuals make smarter, more effective decisions about their charitable giving.  They have assessed how hundreds of Canada’s major charities compare when it comes to what they do with each donated dollar and how transparent they are about it.

To read more about this process and the criteria ERDO has met, visit

To consider ways in which you can support the work of ERDO around the world, visit their website at

ERDO is the humanitarian agency of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. We are thankful for ERDO’s good work as we partner together, and work hand in hand with our global teams in the areas of child sponsorship, community development and crisis response.  Thank you, ERDO, for “doing good!Slide2