Payroll Service

PAOC Payroll Service

We can process your payroll at a lower cost than other options and we will do it right and on time … every time!
Why choose PAOC? We currently process more than $1 million in gross pay every month for 950 employees and pensioners in Canada and around the world.
We have Canadian Payroll Association-certified staff, direct pay deposits, and online access to paystubs. We’ll provide month-end reports for paying Canada Revenue Agency and updating your accounting system. After year-end we’ll also provide draft T4s for each employee and for filing with Canada Revenue Agency.

There are no set-up fees and the processing cost is only $5 per employer per pay period. T4s will cost $3 per employee. We process pays for salaried employees whether they are full-time or part-time on these schedules:

  • Bi-weekly (pay deposit every other Thursday)
  • Semi-monthly (pay deposit on the 15th and end of month)
  • Monthly (pay deposit on the 15th)

Please note we cannot process pay for employees where their hours and rate of pay fluctuate each pay period.


Call Calvin Howson at 905-542-7400 ext. 3234, or email for the details.

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