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Application for Ordination

If you meet the constitutional requirements for ordination, please submit the Application for Ordination to your district office along with the $100.00 Credential application fee.

Application for Ordination English / Français
Ordination Reference Form EnglishFrançais

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10.2.2 Ordained CREDENTIAL Qualifications for ordination Time requirement

The time required to apply for ordination, with the licensed minister credential shall be a minimum of two full and continuous years of ministry. Applicants who are engaged in part-time ministry which involves at least 20 hours of active ministerial responsibility per week shall be eligible for ordination after four years or the equivalent of a minimum of two full years of continuous ministry. If, in the opinion of the district credential committee proven ministry would benefit by further review, the time requirement for approval of the ordination credential may be extended.
A proven ministry

A proven ministry shall be understood to mean that the candidate has clear evidence of the following: The call of God. The operation of the ministry gifts according to Ephesians 4:11,12. Provision shall also be made for specialized ministries such as music, Christian education, and visitation. Discipline and maturity in personal life and preaching ministry. Preaching shall be defined to mean the preparation and delivery of a sermon, other than teaching in a Sunday school. The manifestation of genuine spiritual concern for all people. Ministry appointment

The granting of this credential shall be conditional upon the applicant currently holding an appointment in ministry as provided in By-Law Pre-ordination training

Candidates for ordination shall participate in the pre-ordination training program of the district in which their credentials are held.

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